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IHPC: Non-pharma pain training crucial for prescribers

Letter on draft FDA Education Blueprint: pain education guidance is insufficient for non-pharmacological options, favoring non-opioid drug interventions. Equal emphasis is needed.

IHPC Leads Flint Water Task Force

IHPC Chair Len Wisneski and Gail Christopher, VP of Kellogg Foundation lead integrative task force to address Flint, MI and other water issues confronting public health professionals across the US.

IHPC TO CDC: Include Non-Pharma Options for Pain

On Proposed 2016 Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain: Increase patient access to non-pharma options and providers: ensure adequate insurance reimbursement.

IHPC REPORT: Financial Benefits of Integrative Care

Powerful compilation of comparative research data showing the true cost advantages of integrative practice for ill-health conditions across disciplines that are available today.
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Recent News

Policy Underpinnings for Integrative Wisdom

In this short video, IHPC Executive Director Alyssa Wostrel speaks to the policy imperatives IHPC has pursued in support of Section 2706, the non-discrimination provisions of the ACA. Read More

IHPC Comments on CDC Guidelines for Opioids for Chronic Pain

IHPC submits "Comments on proposed 2016 Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain" to Centers for Disease Control. Letter available here. Read More

RAND Report: CAM — Professions or Modalities?

CAM professions are too often defined politically — by treatment modalities — rather than by full professional scopes, preventing licenses being honored in insurance coverage. Read More

IHPC/AIHM Joint Letter to National Academy of Medicine

IHPC and AIHM encourage the new NAM to embed integrative practitioners into its important initiatives such as Healthy America, and Grand Challenges in Health and Medicine. Read More

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