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    What does access to the healthcare of your choice mean to you?
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    The Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium stands for access for all people to the full range of safe and regulated conventional, complementary and alternative healthcare professionals.
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    Get involved in the healthcare reform movement on a personal and policy level.
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    IHPC’s Partners for Health program is made up of non-profit educational and advocacy organizations across the CAM / conventional spectrum, working together toward our shared goals.

Welcome to the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium

The Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium advocates for an integrative healthcare system with equal access to the full range of health-oriented, person-centered, regulated healthcare professionals. We envision a national healthcare system devoted to optimal health and well-being.

IHPC Receives Grant To Create Cost-Effectiveness Booklet

IHPC grant from Emerson Ecologics will support creation of an important reference booklet on the cost-effectiveness of integrative health services, in data and in patient stories. Read more...

The Hon. Deborah Senn on Sec. 2706!

The Hon. Deborah Senn discusses the importance of the Non-Discrimination Provision, Sec. 2706!


Getting to the Point

A section of the Affordable Healthcare Act — “Obamacare’’ — is being hailed by patients and practitioners of acupuncture, but it may not give them all they have been seeking.


A Call To Action On Integrative Health Care

IHPC at the Harkin Event

On September 29, 2014, over 125 leaders and advocates for CAM and integrative health care met at the Georgetown University Conference Center to attend an invitational policy event titled "A Call to Action on Integrative Health and Medicine Policy, Advancing the Legacy of U.S. Senator Tom Harkin", with the objective to assess the state of the field in light of Senator Harkin's immeasurable vision and efforts.


Recent News

The Coming of the Light: Top 10 for Policy and Action in Integrative Medicine and Health in 2014

John Weeks, Publisher and Editor, 'Integrator Blog News & Reports', publishes his latest edition of his annual Integrator Top 10 list for the emerging field of integrative health and medicine. Read more...

IHPC Drives Support for Veterans’ CAM Care Bill

IHPC’s Call to Action on "The Expanding Care for Veterans Act" -- H.R. 4887 — which would expand Federal support for complementary and integrative health (CIH) services for veterans — has generated more than 1900 letters of support . Read More

US Senate Proclaims 2d Naturopathic Medicine Week

The US Senate's primary supporters of integrative health and medicine, Sens. Tom Harkin and Barbara Mikulski have moved for the second straight year -- and the Senate has passed unanimously -- a resolution declaring this week Naturopathic Medicine Week. Read More

Celebrating Tom Harkin

The national leadership of the integrative health and medicine fields meets in Washington Sept. 29 to honor the contributions of retiring US Sen. Tom Harkin. Harkin has been the leading voice on Capitol Hill demanding inclusion of integrative therapies in the country’s healthcare system. Read More

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