IHPC Requests Capitol Hill Leaders Support Integrative Health Sector in Expanded COVID-19 Stimulus #3

The Honorable Mitch McConnell                             The Honorable Charles E. Schumer
Majority Leader                                                         Minority Leader
United States Senate                                                United States Senate
Washington, DC  20510                                            Washington, DC 20510

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi                                     The Honorable Kevin McCarthy
Speaker of the House                                                House Minority Leader
Washington, DC 20515                                              Washington, DC 20515

Dear Majority Leader McConnell, Minority Leader Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, and Minority Leader McCarthy,

On behalf of the Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC), we are writing to communicate our interests in the ongoing negotiations regarding an interim coronavirus relief bill that would provide money to businesses, hospitals and state governments.

IHPC represents 26 organizations and more than 650,000 state licensed and/or nationally certified healthcare professionals and academic, research, clinical and public education organizations who help generate annually nearly $27 Billion in the U.S. economy. We share the integrated health professional team approach that the Nation is employing to combat COVID-19.  This approach applies the full spectrum of care, continuously informed by the best scientific evidence to optimally treat every patient and inform the public during this critical time.  This team approach integrates the best of (1) medicine from testing through treatment and recovery, (2) optimal delivery of effective preventive and health-enhancing practices, and utilizes (3) evidence-based therapies to treat physical and mental health challenges in patients and the public.

Our members have been adversely affected by the extreme economic fallout instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) created by the CARES legislation is benefitting our members. However, they are experiencing delays and are concerned about its future liquidity. We endorse your efforts to boost funding for this program as well as to expand funding for hospitals and, hopefully, other health care providers, immediately. In previous communications (IHPC Stimulus #4 letter) and in coordination with members of the House Integrative Health and Wellness Caucus, we have expressed our community’s needs. Respectfully, we urge you to consider our requests as you work on the current and future COVID relief packages. We simply ask that every health care profession be treated equally in all of the COVID-19 response and recovery programs, from PPP to student loan forgiveness, to telehealth and Medicare, to small business loans.

Thank you for your leadership and dedication to negotiating an interim COVID relief package and for considering the needs of Integrative Health providers. Support for Integrative Health providers and their professional organizations will ensure ongoing healthcare service for the millions of Americans who use integrative health, and will be relying on these critical services and workers, including extensive primary care services, throughout the United States to help cope with the ongoing pandemic and its aftermath.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tracy Bowen                                         Gerard Clum, D.C.                    Sharad Kohli, M.D.
IHPC Executive Director                        IHPC Co-Chair                         IHPC Co-Chair
(202) 746-1663                                     Board of Directors                    Board of Directors
tbowen@IHPC.org                                gerrycdc@aol.com                    skohli@ihpc.org

cc:  Members of the Congressional Integrative Health and Wellness Caucus

The Honorable Judy Chu, Co-Chair, Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus

The Honorable Jackie Walorski, Co-Chair, Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus

The Honorable Tim Ryan, Member, Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus

The Honorable Fred Upton, Member, Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus

The Honorable Kathy Castor, Member, Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus

The Honorable Peter DeFazio, Member, Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus

The Honorable Ted Lieu, Member, Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus

The Honorable Raul Grijalva, Member, Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus

The Honorable Brett Gutherie, Member, Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus

The Honorable Jamie Raskin, Member, Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus


IHPC Stimulus #4 letter – April 2, 2020