IHPC Response to the NCCIH Draft 2016-2021 Strategic Plan

IHPC Comments on the NCCIH Strategic Five-Year Plan

IHPC’s comments address in the order the primary objectives set forth by NCCIH in its Draft.

  • Advance Fundamental Science and Methods Development
  • Improve Care for Hard-to-Manage Symptoms
  • Foster Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • Enhance the Complementary and Integrative Health Research Workforce
  • Disseminate Objective Evidence-based Information on Complementary and Integrative Health Interventions

IHPC’s full comments on the draft (PDF) are here.

See the NCCIH page on the approved Strategic Plan for 2016-2021 here.

(IHPC also requested from NCCIH an estimate of the funding awarded to CAM institutions during the previous four years, both in total dollars and as a percentage of the total NCCIH research budget.)

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