RAND Report: CAM — Professions or Modalities?

A new RAND report, Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Professions or Modalities? examines the state of CAM/integrative practice and the barriers they face to greater use and to reimbursement, and offers options for resolving some of them.

The report sub-title points to the important areas where those barriers present difficulty: “Policy Implications for Coverage, Licensure, Scope of Practice, Institutional Privileges, and Research.”


Ian Coulter, Ph.D.


Patricia Herman, ND, Ph.D.

The report was written by two of the most experienced researchers in the CAM/integrative health field: Patricia M. Herman, ND, PhD, RAND Senior Behavioral Scientist and Ian D. Coulter Ph.D., RAND/Samueli Chair for Integrative Medicine. The CAM professions, they write, are too often defined politically — by treatment modalities — rather than by their full professional and licensed scopes, which ultimately prevents those licenses being honored in insurance coverage.

Among the report highlights:
Employers have high incentive to improve individual health * CAM professions must educate patients, conventional providers, employers and policymakers about care options and potential benefits * All providers need to work in multi-professional, multimodal teams * CAM professions must work collaboratively toward mutual goals * Significant barriers remain to incorporation of the professions in federal and state laws and regulations.

The report is available here at the RAND site.

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