Academy of Integrative Pain Management

The mission of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management (formerly the American Academy of Pain Management) is to advance the field of pain management using an integrative model of patient-centered care by providing evidence-based education for pain practitioners, as well as, offering credentialing and advocacy for its members.

In line with the principles of Integrative Medicine, Integrative Pain Management:

  • Is patient-centered and reaffirms the importance of the relationship and open communication between practitioner and patient
  • Considers the whole person (mind, body, and spirit, and in the context of his/her community)
  • Encourages healthful lifestyle changes as part of the first line of treatment to restore wellness
  • Brings together all therapeutic approaches to reduce pain and achieve optimal health and healing
  • Is evidence-based
  • Encourages a team approach with the patient serving as an active member of the team