Bill Reddy, LAc, DiplAcSecretary, IHPC Board of Directors

IHPC Federal Policy Committee, Co-Chair
IHPC Finance Committee
IHPC Nominations Committee
IHPC Non-Discrimination Committee

President Emeritus, Acupuncture Society of VA

Bill Reddy is a nationally board-certified licensed acupuncturist.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering and flight-tested helicopters for years for the US Navy while working on masters degrees in the fields of Robotics and Systems Engineering.  After assisting in the development of the Joint Strike Fighter test program and putting satellites in space with the USAF Space Test Program, he studied under graduates and professors from Beijing and Shanghai medical schools at Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.   Since his graduation, he strove to promote the profession by serving on the Board of Directors of his medical school, serving as President of the Acupuncture Society of Virginia, and holding the position of Vice President of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.   He is the author of over 60 articles and professional papers in the fields of Oriental Medicine and Aerospace Engineering, lecturer and avid practitioner of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. He has a full time practice in Annandale, Virginia.