Coquina Deger, MBAIHPC Partner For Health Member, Bastyr University

Coquina L. Deger, MBA, serves and advises the president on campus-wide and external initiatives alike, and is responsible for executing key strategic projects. She came to the University in 2001 as a consultant in the marketing arena where she has contributed to increasing student enrollment and patient visits, and to various expansion projects. Her dedication to the profession has for years extended beyond Bastyr University, having served the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges, NDHealthcare, and most recently the Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium, in numerous capacities. Prior to directing her focus to natural health education, Deger’s business and marketing career spanned diverse industries: banking, international shipping, retail, and journalism and publishing. Deger received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University, and a Master of Business Administration from City University of Seattle.