Foundation for Living Medicine

The Foundation for Living Medicine is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit dedicated to the advancement of holistic medicine, which can be described as considering the entire person in the healing process and not just the symptom.


Gladys Taylor McGarey

The Foundation, which was formerly called The Gladys Taylor McGarey Medical Foundation, was created in 1989 by Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey to bridge the gap between holistic and allopathic medicine through research and education. It was a natural outgrowth to the lifelong work of Dr. McGarey, who was a leading pioneer for more than 60 years in holistic medicine and natural birthing. Further, Dr. Gladys, as she is affectionately called, is known as the Mother of Holistic Medicine, having been one of the original founders (and the only woman) of the American Holistic Medical Association (1978).

The Foundation promotes physician training, patient awareness, and practices for personal health that encompasses the whole person, including spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Today, its work continues in the U.S. teaching doctors, encouraging conscious birthing, empowering women, promoting health and wholeness through education, and advocating for healthcare reform.