Glenna Tinney, MSW, ACSW, DCSWMember, IHPC Federal Policy Committee

IHPC Federal Policy Committee
Board Member, National Center for Homeopathy

Glenna brings a long history of involvement in and passion for homeopathy to the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) board. She was first introduced to homeopathy when she rescued a little Pomeranian and sought treatment from a holistic veterinarian who used homeopathy to treat him. She then sought homeopathic treatment for herself and has never looked back. Glenna has been a homeopathy consumer and advocate for over 20 years. She attended NCH summer school and annual conferences, participated in a study group, used homeopathy for home care, and influenced friends and family to use homeopathy.

Glenna is a social worker with more than 40 years of experience in activism, legislative advocacy, and community engagement and outreach. She retired from the Navy after 24 years where she worked much of that time in the Navy Medical Department focusing on policy development and implementation, program management, credentialing, scope of practice, standards of care, and shared decision making.

Glenna is a published author and has extensive experience providing training, public speaking, and writing a wide array of documents including reports, guidelines, manuals, e-learning courses, handbooks, articles, etc. She serves on local and national non-profit boards and advisory councils and has set up and supported boards and advisory councils. She also brings a medical background and lifelong activism and advocacy skills to help spread awareness of homeopathy as a safe and cost effective healthcare alternative.

In recognition of her work, in March, 2013 Glenna was selected by the White House as a Woman Veteran Champion of Change.