Northwestern Health Sciences University

Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy (CHIP)

Founded in 1941 as Northwestern College of Chiropractic, Northwestern Health Sciences University has grown in size and influence in the practice of natural health care in Minnesota and beyond. Northwestern was founded by Dr. John B. Wolfe, a civil engineer turned doctor of chiropractic, who started the college with the help of one colleague and three students. Northwestern now offers diverse academic programs, fosters clinical research, promotes individualized instruction, provides faculty development, and establishes standards for clinical competence.

The mission of the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy is to inform and influence patient-centered, evidence-informed public policy on behalf of complementary and integrative healthcare providers and patients. As the primary health policy and advocacy division of the University, CHIP works closely with members of our faculty and administration – and policy-makers – to prepare Northwestern graduates for the new opportunities and responsibilities that are emerging as a result of healthcare reform.