Steve GrantowitzIHPC Technology Advisor

    A strategic, process-oriented thinker, Steve brings to the table his experience in the areas of technology, entertainment, marketing, and customer service.  Following his positions with companies such as Merrill Lynch and Marriott early in his career, Steve spent 16 years in the Film and Television Industry working on a variety of successful productions for companies including Paramount Pictures, Beacon Pictures, Miramax/Dimension, and Marvel Studios.  In addition to his positions on a wide range of productions, he had the opportunity to bridge his technical and creative abilities to enable him to develop and coordinate projects ranging from video games based on film properties to a live, Vegas-style showcase.

    With the goal of leaving Los Angeles to move his family to the cleaner, healthier town of Morrison, Colorado, Steve transitioned from entertainment to education as he accepted the position of Director of Creative Technology with International Educational Management Corp., the management services team for the University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine.  In addition to his primary mission to develop alternative, technology-based learning methods for the students, he oversees the school’s online marketing initiatives, as well as corporate and academic IT services.

    Steve serves IHPC as a volunteer staff member focusing on web site management.