IHPC is Dedicated to Removing the Barriers to Health
A World Without Barriers to Health
Health Creation • Collaboration • Patient-Centered Care • Inclusivity • Empowerment • Respect • Transparency • Integrity • Mindfulness • Fairness
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Major Policy Issues

  • Pain & The Opioid Crisis

    Our Integrative Approaches to Pain and Addiction Committee - IAPAC - working to bring proven effective options to care.
  • The Water in Flint

    Environmental catastrophes like the water in Flint, MI, also require the whole-person view of health.
  • Ending Insurance Discrimination

    Health insurers - both private and public - must begin to expand access to integrative care.


  • IHPC was created as a results of the NED conference of 2001 held at Georgetown U. The leaders of the emerging academic and professional organizations responded to the interest expressed by members of Congress to be kept informed of the advance of integrative health and medicine in America. (See our complete list of Accomplishments here.)
    IHPC Actions
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IHPC Highlights FQHCs and Champions their efforts to Create Health Equity for a Growing Cross-cultural Segment of the U.S. population.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s) are a nationwide network of federal, state, and privately-funded community health centers that historically serve more than 28 million people, both uninsured or underinsured, providing essential health services at little to no cost to the patient.  Now, with the COVID epidemic and the increase in people who have lost their jobs, the n

Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics Take a Seat at the Policy Table

Dr. Gerald Clum, DC, Director of the Center for Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics at Life University made a generous gift to the Board of Directors of the Integrative Health Policy Consortium–a 10-week Compassionate Integrity Training program for IHPC Partners For Health. The Center for Compassion, Integrity, and Secular Ethics (CCISE) at Life University is dedicat

Understanding is Happiness

A Case in Point by Nancy Gahles, DC, CCH, OIM “The first Law of Understanding is that in general the same hopes, sorrows, joys, troubles, fears, encompass us all. The same Destiny beckons us. The same Love enfolds us. The same Justice educates us. “ ~George S. Arundale, Understanding is Happiness. A well-known axiom often used when describing policy work is that it is like “sau

Academic Consortium ‘Widens the Tent’ with inclusion of Nursing Schools and Osteopathic Medical Schools

Q&A with Executive Director Dale West In an effort to create a more collaborative landscape for all members of the healthcare community, the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health, a New Buffalo, MI-based organization comprised of universities and health systems in North America, announced in October it would open its membership to nursing schools and ost