Three Exceptional Ten-Minute Highlights

Three Exceptional Ten-Minute Highlights from the Nat’l Academy of Medicine Workshop on Health Care Financing

Dr. Margaret A. Chesney, Special Advisor to IHPC,
Professor of Medicine, UCSF

The National Academy of Medicine recently held a Workshop Series that is highly relevant to integrative health and wellness. The COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-rising health care costs serve as dual alarms calling for reforming the health care system.  In 2020, the U.S. led the world with its health care spending, accounting for 18% of the nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  This translates to over 4 trillion dollars spent on the nation’s health care system that still leaves many Americans without care.

As health care undergoes change, there is an opportunity to shift the focus from the current Disease-Focused System to one that targets Health Creation and Care.  This workshop, focused on such a possibility, was entitled Financing That Rewards Better Health and Well-Being.

The Workshop was presented over three days, with presentations and discussions covering over 10 hours. Links to each day’s presentations and their respective playlists on YouTube are below.

Special Highlights – Here, IHPC has selected a special highlight from each day of the workshop.

Ben KligerWorkshop Day 1 Highlight: Dr. Ben Kligler, Executive Director for the Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation, Veterans Health Administration, gives an outstanding “primer” on the VA and the Whole Health Program – the largest existing Whole Health program to be carried out in the nation, transforming health care from treating diseases to promoting whole person health.  This program involves health coaches and whole health partners who are Veteran peers who help change the conversation from “what’s the matter” to “what’s most important for you in your life?”

To hear Dr. Kligler’s 10-minute presentation – click on the link below to hear Dr. Hoangmai (Mai) Pham’s introduction and Dr. Kligler’s overview of VA Whole Health.


Fasih HameedWorkshop Day 2 Highlight: Dr. Fasih Hameed, Family Physician, Associate Medical Director for Wellness at the Petaluma Health Center provides one of the “Innovation Spotlight” presentations at the workshop.  Dr. Hameed’s description of this Federally Qualified Health Center offers a comprehensive and inspiring program of integrative approaches to heath and wellness for individuals, families, and the community.  The Petaluma Health Center provides living proof that integrative programs are being implemented by dedicated, creative professionals in some of the most challenging settings, bringing health to entire communities, young and old.

To hear Dr. Hameed’s 10-minute presentation, click on the link below and advance the video to 1 minute 7 seconds to hear an introduction by Dr. Sarah Szanton’s introduction of Dr. Hameed’s exceptional presentation.

Donald BerwickWorkshop Day 3 Highlight:  Dr. Donald Berwick, Lecturer of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School; President Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement; Former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Dr. Berwick presents an inspirational argument that the health care system must be changed and all proposals for change must “start and end” with serving the people and community we want to help.  In just over 10-minutes, he outlines new aims beginning with universal coverage, that he states can be achieved at less cost, and that should focus on what matters to patients and families. Continue to the discussion moderated by Dr. Kisha Davis (of Aledade) with Dr. David Muhlestein (of Leavitt Partners) and Vivian Lee (of Verily).

A Must Listen – Don’t miss the last minutes of the clip as Dr. Berwick closes with the challenge that “We need to touch base with… what kind of nation we want to be.” … “I think we’re going to find that we have a lot of possibilities we’ve not exploited.”  However, he identifies another challenge saying, “The part I can’t solve right now is the power of the incumbents… are monied, very wealthy, very connected, and they prefer the status quo.” In the last seconds of the final session of the workshop, Dr. Berwick closes by saying, “At some point we’re going to have to get disruptive, and I’ll look forward to that journey.”

To hear Dr. Berwick’s presentation, click on the link below and advance the video to just over 30-minutes (to 30.46) to hear Dr. Berwick.