Webinar Examines Employer Use of Integrative Healthcare

Join IHPC and the American Sustainable Business Council, (ASBC) in our co-produced webinar:

“The Future of Healthcare is Complementary Integrative and Holistic.”

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

8 am Pacific
9 am Mountain
10 am Central
11 am Eastern

A unique panel of experts brings real-world experience providing and evaluating integrative health options in diverse settings: from the special acute and chronic care needs in US military and veterans’ health, to very large corporate self-insured programs, to smaller corporate programs that use innovative ways to encourage employees to improve their health.


Wayne-Jonas Kent-Bradley John-Gamlin
Wayne Jonas, MD
President and CEO
Samueli Institute
Kent Bradley, MD
Former CMO
Safeway, Inc.
John Gamlin
Director of HR
New Belgian Brewing

Although employers are becoming increasingly aware of approaches to health not usually seen in benefit programs, including mindfulness, yoga and other therapies, they are not yet fully informed about the true value, include cost benefits, of integrative outcomes. Nor are they aware that state regulators have not aggressively sought to ensure compliance with Section 2706 of the ACA, which when implemented could deliver significant cost savings at a time premiums are seriously rising.

The webinar is part of the IHPC-ASBC education and awareness campaign “Integrative Healthcare Reimbursement,” which encourages employers to become involved in efforts in their states to ensure that the federal ACA Section 2706 (or legislative alternatives) give them and their employees the widest access to integrative health benefits.

(For an update on state legislative initiatives being developed to ensure reimbursement for state licensed integrative health services, visit CoverMyCare.org)

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